Our Bars

Snowy River Cocktail bars are designed to create a warm local feel offering stunning cocktails and high-end bar food. Our 80’s hits music background provide easy nostalgic listening while enjoying time with friends.

Our venues serve as a local bar, an entertainment center as well as a place to host corporate or personal events. Our corporate stores host jazz nights, macaron nights and plenty of local food and alcohol tasting events.

Our cocktail menu offers both signature and local favorites supported by special event cocktail options. We continue to expand our cocktail list to ensure our bars offer fresh, exciting, social media friendly cocktails.


Beautifully decorated cocktails. We make the ordinary truly extraordinary.


Finger friendly bar food designed for all ages. Our burgers are a local favorite with customers!


Easy style listening to maximize appeal for customers at any time.

Store Locations

Colorful, fun, hip craft cocktails

From flavored or coloured martinis, to colored wine, beer and sodas, Snowy River craft cocktail bars offer a new colorful dining experience.

From Burgers to nachos and more

Our food menus feature great burgers, sandwiches, mac and cheese and more. Kids menu also available for our young at heart customers.

Entertainment and Corporate nights.

Our cocktail bars are relaxing, warm, inviting venues playing nostalgic 80’s music that are great for local entertainment or for other events.