snowy river cocktail bar franchise

At heart, Snowy River is a cocktail decorating product manufacturing company. We use our products to create “eye turning” experiences both in-bars, at home or via our online platforms.

Our cocktail bars serve as a showcase for our decorating products and cocktail menus which in turns support local retail and wholesale sales as well as mobile bartending services.

Restaurants and bars of today need alternate sources of income and ways of growing their business. Snowy River Cocktail Co franchisees have the opportunity to do just this through an end to end cocktail decorating offering.

For us cocktail decorating starts in the bar but then extends to homes and businesses locally.

Included with your franchise


A territory for your bar location as well as for retail and wholesale sales.


Local and national marketing to support the brand and bar locations.


Initial training and ongoing support to help you run and grow your business.

How to Open a Bar?

snowy river cocktail bar franchise

Opening a bar may seem challenging although there a number of ways you can do this from owning an existing bar through to greenfield site. Many franchisees may also look to acquire an existing bar and then convert it to a Snowy River franchise.

Either way we support our franchisees to build the business the way they want within our structure and can provide links to real estate agents and business brokers to support their efforts.

Once your bar is open you can then support your retail, wholesale and mobile bartending services from that location as well if you choose.

Talk to us today to discuss converting your existing bar or restaurant to a Snowy River location. Snowy River Cocktail Co is listed on the SBA Franchise Directory. Please contact your SBA lender for further details.

Schedule a Meeting

Opening a new location is easier than you think.

New to bars or franchising, our training and support teams are there to help you get started fast.

Product, store and retail training.

We support franchisees through initial and ongoing training to support one location or many. Retail and wholesale sales support backed by our manufacturing company.

National and local marketing support.

Whether through our marketing efforts, your own, or customers posting cool cocktails via social media, brand and store awareness are critical.